Monday, July 4, 2016

We're out!

Koal was discharged from the hospital earlier today! Waaahhhhooooooo! He's doing great and everything looked good after his chest x-ray this morning, so they sent us on our way! We are so thankful to be out, and Koal is excited to be headed home soon. It's still so amazing that his surgery was less than a week ago, and here he is feeling great and stable enough to be released from the hospital and fly thousands of miles home in the next day or two!

Yesterday, July 3rd, this little nugget turned 6 months old!  Half a stinkin' year!! And what a JOY she is to us!

She's been AMAZING on this trip and most days completely upstaged the patient Koal at the hospital! Haha! Those doctors and nurses love little monkeys like her and she ate up all that attention!!  At one point in the hospital after Koal had his vitals taken and had to take some medicine, he was pretty sad, and in a quiet, sweet little voice, he said to me, "I just want Auvy to come and make me smile." was adorable...and she REALLY did make him so happy SO many times on this trip. Thank God for little sisters who make us smile.

Your continued prayers are so very appreciated! We will follow up with both Koal's pediatrician and cardiologist in the next couple of weeks once we are back in Kansas City.  His recovery has gone so well thus far and we continue to pray that his scar will heal well will no infections, his chest bone will heal completely with little pain and that he continues to regain energy back as he heals. We will continue to update as he recovers!


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